Healthier snacks, drinks and meals at Castlemaine Football Netball Club Juniors

Monday 28 November, 2022

Vic Kids Eat Well is helping Castlemaine Football Netball Club Juniors boost healthy food and drink options to support active kids. Club Committee member, Simone Fraser is leading the way by offering healthier snacks, drinks and foods at games, qualifying the club to receive rewards under the Vic Kids Eat Well initiative.

Castlemaine Football Netball Club Juniors

“Our club members are enjoying healthier snacks now on offer, including lightly salted popcorn, sultanas and muesli bars. Fresh fruit is also now available free of charge for all to enjoy,” said Simone.

“Our hot food menu has also been freshened up with healthy options such as baked spuds; and toasties with baked beans.”

This sports club’s Vic Kids Eat Well journey is supported by Liza Shaw, a local health professional from Dhelkaya Health.

“Dhelkaya Health supports our club to work through these ‘small bite’ changes and links us to helpful Vic Kids Eat Well resources with healthy food and drink ideas,” said Simone.

Dhelkaya Health proudly supports Vic Kids Eat Well, which allows schools, outside school hours care, sports clubs, sport and recreation facilities, and council and community facilities to make simple changes that give kids access to healthier food.