Wholesome foods and aromas fill Boisdale Consolidated School’s canteen

Wednesday 15 November, 2023

Boisdale Consolidated School is in the Central Gippsland region of Victoria with 208 students. To embark on their Vic Kids Eat Well journey, a canteen subcommittee was formed with a clear focus on providing good, wholesome, affordable food and promoting healthy options to students. They were joined by a wonderful canteen manager, with a similar mindset, and together they transformed their canteen.

Kids making pizza

The canteen subcommittee said: “Boisdale Consolidated School is a country school within a strong farming community. Being surrounded by beef, dairy and veggie farms, the students have a natural understanding of where food comes from. We’ve just reinforced the idea that real food tastes amazing and is something to get excited about!”

Vic Kids Eat Well guided their simple “bite-sized” swaps. As part of this initiative, the canteen has been loaded with freshly prepared meals, delicious snacks and students now bring a reuseable drink bottle from home to refill with water, rather than having sugary drink options.

Kids making pizza

“Our canteen now only serves what parents want their kids to eat. Fresh fruits and vegetables, salads and meats, baked goods made from scratch, hidden veg pastries, rice paper rolls and home cooked weekly specials send wonderful aromas around the school. Taps and water bubblers are freely available and sugary drinks are off the menu,” the committee said.

“The students have responded amazingly well to the new menu. Their attitudes are changing as they watch their peers enjoying wholesome lunches and nutritious treats from our canteen. But the best part has been feedback from parents. Since adopting our healthy menu, children are requesting more fruit and veg at home. We’re thrilled to hear that,” the committee said.

“Our canteen subcommittee is very proud of their kids and the fresh and delicious options on offer in their canteen. We look forward to continuing our progress with Vic Kids Eat Well.”

Kids eating fruit

Food made at the school

Girl drinking