What is a Vic Kids Eat Well network?

Working together with other organisations to create healthier food and drink environments can be a powerful motivator. Vic Kids Eat Well will support organisations with a shared interest to participate as a network.

How does it work?

Networks will come in all shapes and sizes. A network may be formed by organisations that are already connected and working together such as schools within existing principal networks, facilities owned by a particular council or a group of out of school hours care clusters. Or, a new network may be formed by a group of schools, sporting clubs and even retail outlets within a particular school zone.

After agreeing to work together on Vic Kids Eat Well, a network of organisations chooses a network goal, with each organisation selecting which action they will take towards the goal.

For example, a network of schools may choose to switch to healthier snacks, with each school's specific actions dependant upon what unhealthy snacks they provide, and what options work best with their suppliers.

Get in touch today if you are interested in forming a Vic kids eat well network