Why Sport and recreation facilities?

Sport and recreation facilities provide places for children and young people to spend their time being active, so it makes sense to provide them with healthy options to fuel their activity.

Your facility can play an important role in helping the families and children visiting your service to make healthy choices by providing food and drinks that meet the Healthy Choices Guidelines.

Whether your facility has vending machines or a retail outlet, Vic Kids Eat Well can help your facility meet the guidelines and create a healthier environment in which children and young people can thrive.

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Sport and recreation facilities across Victoria are deciding to serve delicious, healthy options. By joining the Vic Kids Eat Well movement, your facility can create healthier environments where kids can thrive.

Any sport and recreation facility that provides food and/or drinks (retail or vending), or has food and/or drink-based marketing or fundraising can participate in Vic Kids Eat Well.

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What is involved?

Once you register you will be connected with a health promotion professional who will work with you to make healthy changes in your facility. Your facility may have already made healthy changes to meet the requirements of the Healthy Choices Guidelines or may be just beginning. You may wish to start with a ‘small bite’ and make a small change, or a ‘large bite’ and make a bigger change. Work your way through all the bites, collecting rewards and celebrating your success as you go.

Actions Small bite Big bite (Outcome)
Refresh the fridge

Give healthy drinks the spotlight

Reduce sugary drinks

No more than 20% RED drinks

Switch up the snacks

Switch to healthier snacks

Keep confectionary and unhealthy snacks out of sight

Switch to healthier ice-creams

No more than 20% RED food and drinks

Change up the menu

Boost veggies and salad

Offer healthier pies and pastries

Minimise fried foods

At least 50% of food and drinks available are GREEN

Put the 'fun' into fundraising and marketing

Add health appeal to meal deals

Make a positive impact with advertising and marketing

Get creative with healthy fundraising

Meet the Health Choices guidelines for display and promotion

For more details on the specific steps involved with each bite, check out our resources.


View our case studies to see what changes organisations have done.

Case Studies

Join now to be connected with a health promotion professional who will work with you to take your next steps to create a healthier environment for your sport and recreation facility.