Schools join Vic Kids Eat Well to support healthy kids in 2023!

With the new school year upon us, the free Vic Kids Eat Well program is here to help principals, teachers and even students keen to drive healthy changes. While school calendars are filling up with activities, Vic Kids Eat Well can suggest some simple healthy swaps guaranteed to please. By getting involved in Vic Kids Eat Well schools can offer students delicious, healthy food and drink options so they can learn, play and be active throughout the whole school year! 

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What food and drinks are offered to kids at your school? 

Your school might have a canteen, breakfast club, vending machine or use an outsourced lunch provider for student lunches. Or your school might host events like walkathons or raffles where food is offered to students. All of these ‘food environments’ can be easily refreshed with the Vic Kids Eat Well program. 

How can Vic Kids Eat Well help? 

Vic Kids Eat Well provides support around four ‘bite-sized’ changes. We’re all about boosting tasty and nutritious food to help kids’ concentration, improve their mood and boost their energy to play. 

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By joining Vic Kids Eat Well, your school can ‘self-select’ from the following bite-sized changes: 

  1. Refresh the fridge – swap sugary drinks for water and healthier options 
  2. Switch up the snacks – ditch the sweets and offer delicious healthy snacks that give kids the fuel they need 
  3. Change up the menu – increase fruit and veggies in meals 
  4. Put the ‘fun’ into fundraising – swap chocolate drives for walkathons and promote healthier meal deals 

Plus, your school will get one-on-one support from an expert health promoter to guide your entire Vic Kids Eat Well journey. There are also great rewards like vouchers, training sessions and kitchen garden resources to celebrate progress.  

Principal Kerry Hughes at Toorloo Arm Primary School in regional Victoria was attracted to Vic Kids Eat Well’s simple, healthy food and drink swaps, using the program to refresh their outsourced lunch service and its offerings for kids. 

She said: “Healthy children in our care is our job. When I came across the initiative I said to school council, ‘let’s do this’!” 

Dandenong West Primary School was one of the first schools to sign up to Vic Kids Eat Well. 

Dandenong West Principal Bev Hansen said: “With Vic Kids Eat Well, we’re looking forward to reinforcing healthy eating messages and celebrating our ongoing success with our community.” 

Mount Rowan Secondary College was also an early adopter of Vic Kids Eat Well. 

Principal Seona Murnane at Ballarat’s Mount Rowan Secondary College said: “Just the other day I bumped into a group of girls eating frozen yoghurt with real fruit from our canteen and made onsite. They were really pleased to have access to something so delicious and healthy.” 

Vic Kids Eat Well is supported by the Victorian Government, and is delivered by  Cancer Council Victoria’s Achievement Program, in partnership with  Nutrition Australia’s Healthy Eating Advisory Service

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